How Can ‘Solar as a service’ help my business?

There are increasing pressures to develop carbon neutral buildings and businesses, which in turns creates a need for business owners to utilize risk-free, affordable clean energy. Building owners and developers are facing heightened pressures to meet renewable energy and sustainability targets. Otter Clean Energy Partners was created in recognition of the risk a business takes when building their own solar PV generators. 

We’ve created a “Solar as a Service” solution that allows building owners to meet those requirements without the cost or risk of building and operating their own solar PV system.

How does “Solar as a Service” work?

The process is simple. Otter Clean Energy Partners designs,  builds, owns and operates the solar PV system connected directly to your building. You pay a predetermined flat rate for the energy produced by solar, enabling you to utilize clean, renewable solar energy at your building risk-free.

  1. Sign PPA, Pay Less Than Grid Prices – With a Power Purchasing Agreement, you pay a predictable, predetermined flat-rate per kilowatt-hour that costs less than buying energy from the grid.
  2. OCEP Builds Your System – We take care of the rest. We design, construct, maintain, monitor and own the solar system on your building—you utilize the solar-generated electricity risk-free.
  3. Leverage Risk-Free, Renewable Energy – Your building benefits from affordable solar energy, helping you achieve green standards, ESG targets, attract better tenants, and increase your property’s market value.

What are the benefits of using “Solar as a Service?”

  • Solar with Zero Capital Cost
    Utilize clean renewable energy, with zero capital investment.
  • Convert Capital Cost To Operating Expense
    Turn the up-front capital cost of installing solar into an off-balance sheet operating expense through the use of an OCEP Power Purchase Agreement.
  • Risk-Free Renewable Energy
    Utilize sustainable solar energy with zero operating risk. OCEP designs, builds, owns and operates the solar system on your property, allowing you to take advantage of solar risk-free.
  • Improve Building Sustainability
    You’ll reduce the carbon footprint of your business or property to support Canada’s goals of a sustainable future.
  • Help Reach Green Standards And Certs
    On-site solar helps meet a wide number of green certifications, including LEED, Zero Carbon Building Standard, Toronto Green Standard, and more. You can learn more in our upcoming blog, releasing shortly!
  • Solar Costs Less Than Grid Power
    Reduce your monthly energy costs while providing your building with clean, renewable energy.
  • Improve The Value Of Your Property
    High-quality tenants recognize the value of sustainability and predictable energy costs. OCEP also partners with landlords to sell solar energy to tenants at predictable rates. A win-win for all parties: electricity cost certainty for the tenant and higher operating income for the landlord.

Ready to get started?

Otter Clean Energy Partners is committed to helping property owners and businesses reach their sustainability targets. Contact us today for a free consultation.